J&B Szabo

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A private partnership formed in 1993 by John and Barbara Szabo.

Administrative Contact: 509-299-5429.

1993 to present

We focus on analytical solutions to business process-control problems. We specialize in retail chain applications that involve the dynamic update of inventory and movement parameters based on sales data, with particular focus on seasonal and promotional forecasting, price related movement analysis and optimization problems.




Revco Drug Stores (part of CVS Drugs since 1997) : Vice President of Information Systems.


H.E.B Grocery Co., San Antonio, Texas, Business Consultant


Aerospace Corp., Informatics Inc., NASA Ames, Stanford University, University of Washington, University of British Columbia


The Representation of Three Dimensional Surfaces, Journal of the ACM, 1968 B.Kubert, J. Szabo and S. Giulieri. (PDF)


Eastern Washington University 2001-2003

University of California, Riverside 1971-1972

University of California, Berkeley 1962-1963


Born: March 16, 1945, Csepreg, Hungary. Emigrated to U.S. in December 1956